Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tank Tops

It has been quite so long since I have my last update; I just want to apologize for being a way for more than two weeks. It has been a busy and stressful, because of readings and case digests that we have to make for school. So much for this, it’s already March and that means we have one more month to go before summer! Are you ready for your summer attire? If not, this might help you.
Tank Tops
Summer is now approaching and the heat is scourging our comfort, lose the sleeves and be comfortable. Bare some skin and flaunt those muscles and be sexy and hot.

Green sheep
Look 1: Green Sheep
If you wanna be casual and you just want to stay cool during the day, this look would be nice for you. I personally would love to wear this look during mall-ing, joyrides or during an ordinary day with my friends. This look has some softness to the look even apart from being edgy and rugged.

Sail to me

Look 2: Sail to me

If you are thinking of having a cruise or sailing in the Caribbean with style, this is for you. Its just all about colors, freshness and comfort. This is one easy way how to welcome summer. And if you are not comfortable from baring some skin, no worries, you can wear a jacket or blazer with it and spice it up with some a scarf. Accessorize it with the trending straw hat and a nice watch.

On the go

Look 3: On the go
You remember this look? This was actually on one of my earlier blogs, feauturing one of my shoe addictions of Boots. You can read it on Boot Camp. This is good for walking and for night outs. This is also good for University look, especially for those universities that doesn't require any school uniforms or those with no dress codes.

Prepped for night

Look 4: Prepped for night
This look is for night outs, or gig. If you wanna dash the night away with style and move like a swagger on the dance floor, then this would probably the look for you. What I love about this look is its preppy and smart looking. I can see myself wearing this on weekdays for a meeting or during work or for those time when I'm loaded with work during day and party during night.
Rock my World

Look 5: Rock my World
This look is actually good for music lovers, dancers and for those who are inclined in a more street style. This is one of the typical style you can see in foreign countries, more likely in Manila. I just love the look, since its exudes more masculinity in the person and its really gives him t he swag. Its really cool and minimalistic in style. With your dark or black jeans, you can be fashionable by pairing it up with a high-vut sneakers and tank top. 

laid back

Look 6: Laid Back
The look is really for those people who wanna be laid back and comfortable, even a day of walking and work. The Mandals, also known as Men's Sandals or Men's Gladiator Sandals, gives the more edgy look for this minimal look. hence, the neutrality of colors, gives a more sensible style. I actually see myself wearing  this during city tours in Cebu or in Manila. A day of walking and roaming around the city will most likely make your feet hurt, and one way to relieve your feet from stress and pain, without sacrifing your style and fashion, wear Mandals. :D

Bike RIder

Look 7: Bike Rider
The Name of this set is self-explanatory. Ever since, I learned driving motorbikes, it has really gave me the obsession on big bikes. Wearing leather pants are actually too much common, so to step your style one or more steps more, try wearing a colored pants like this one and pair it with those traditional sensible pieces like leather and black color. What I love about this look is that its my personality and it has studs, which I really love. :D Hahahaha. :))

"A fashion is nothing but an induced epidemic."

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