Monday, July 8, 2013

Kayangan Lake

The perk of being a law intern of Environmental Legal Assistance Center (ELAC) in Coron is to visit the beautiful island surrounding it. So, before my  internship ends and my boss leave for his Thailand trip, he actually planned for an island hopping.

As we enter the entrance of Kayangan Lake, which was dubbed as the cleanest lake in the Philippines. We were welcomed by the marvelous limestone walls and rock formations. What fascinates me more is that one area, on the way going to the lake, which actually gives you a scenery of the magnificent bluish green waters which leaves me breathless.

So, before we go swimming in Kayangan Lake, we must bear in mind some important house rules which we must comply while we enjoy the waters. Among those listed, we must always remember this "Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, keep nothing but memories, kill nothing but time."

After a short trek, you will be amazed by this magnificent lake, which was said to have a combination of lake water and salt water. Although there maybe many visitors, I am actually shocked on how disciplined people are and how the locals are able to maintain the beautiful of the lake and its pristine clear waters.

 As you can see, the waters are really clean and clear where you could actually see the stone formations and different sea creatures in it.

With the initiative of the locals and the local government, they continually work hand-in-hand in strengthening tourism in Coron without sacrificing the environment and exposing it to threats. 

After Kayangan, we decided to look for a place where we could actually have are lunch and alcohol sessions. Since it was summer, most of the famous beaches were actually occupied. But we found this  private beach and so we decided to dock and have our lunch here. 

Just look at that magnificent crystal-clear waters and that pure and powdery sands. It is always fun to spend a day in this place and just feel the breeze of fresh air while you retreat yourself from the chaotic metro or town. This is definitely great way to spend your day! :D

Just the smell of the summer
can make me fall in love.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bali Beach

Went to Bali Beach with my boss and his friends. They invited me to join them for lunch but it turned out to be an early drinking session. The session was actually fun especially since the place was windy, which made my warm day cool. Anyway, the Bali Beach is a local resort in Coron Island, its not that developed like other resort with fun water adventures and all the modern facilities or amenities. This is just a small place where you wanted to chill and spend time in a native cottage, a pinoy-way to enjoy the resort.

The beach faces the island known as the "sleeping-giant." 

 At the right portion of the beach, you could actually view the "Siete Pecados." Its actually 7 small islands and which is considered to have a wonderful spot for snorkeling because of its beautiful fish sanctuary. Just this afternoon, my boss told me that we might spend our weekend in the floating house in Siete Pecados. :D So i'm actually looking forward to that. 

Lastly, I just wanna share how happy I am when I got a tweet from Nix Nicolas. I was really ecstatic getting the Mt. Tapyas blog post featured in last April 29, 2013. Thank you!!

Explore the wonderful paradise.
Breathe and Live.
and Enjoy.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mt. Tapyas

I decided to hike Mt. Tapyas last Sunday since I wasn't sure where the church is located. Many villagers told me that when you reach the top, you will surely be blown away by the breathtaking and spectacular landscape of Coron; which was indeed true. 


 Just like what others say, you won't appreciate something unless you work hard for it. That is why before reaching the top and in order for you to see the wondrous landscape of Coron, you have to face a challenge and that is to climb or walk about 723 steps. As Bob Dylan once said "Behind every beautiful thing, there's some kind of pain."

The Panaromic View of Coron Islands

The giant Cross which you could see from below. 
One of the tourist which I was with said that the island above is called the "Sleeping Giant". 

Another panaromic view from another perspective of side of the mountain. If you could actually notice, there's a path going downhill where a small cottage is situated in order for tourist and visitors could rest or stay while resting or waiting for the sunset.

While I was hiking up the mountain, I was actually about to give up and quit. But I remembered a caricature (as shown below) of a person tunneling for diamonds and at the end with only one strike he could have found the diamond, he quit. Then, I realized that I don't want to be that man. In addition, I put myself in a situation that above that mountain if my success of being a lawyer, and if I would quit now then it means that I am not deserving to be one.That gave me the drive and determination to reach the top and not to give up. 

Reach your dreams
without hesitation