Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bali Beach

Went to Bali Beach with my boss and his friends. They invited me to join them for lunch but it turned out to be an early drinking session. The session was actually fun especially since the place was windy, which made my warm day cool. Anyway, the Bali Beach is a local resort in Coron Island, its not that developed like other resort with fun water adventures and all the modern facilities or amenities. This is just a small place where you wanted to chill and spend time in a native cottage, a pinoy-way to enjoy the resort.

The beach faces the island known as the "sleeping-giant." 

 At the right portion of the beach, you could actually view the "Siete Pecados." Its actually 7 small islands and which is considered to have a wonderful spot for snorkeling because of its beautiful fish sanctuary. Just this afternoon, my boss told me that we might spend our weekend in the floating house in Siete Pecados. :D So i'm actually looking forward to that. 

Lastly, I just wanna share how happy I am when I got a tweet from Nix Nicolas. I was really ecstatic getting the Mt. Tapyas blog post featured in last April 29, 2013. Thank you!!

Explore the wonderful paradise.
Breathe and Live.
and Enjoy.

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