Friday, February 10, 2012

Boot Camp

Hello Guys! I was supposed to post this last night but my Internet Connection was crappy. *buhoo. 

Anyway, I have this new obsession on shoes, specifically on boots. Why? Because of the following reasons: (1) they are taking to new heights in fashion, (2) it has more room for fun and flare and (3) they have this certain hardcore/bad-ass appeal, which can rock you get-up or styling. I have been wanting to have them, but  I can't find any good pair here in our place, hence, we got few shoe stores, which eventually do not sell them.

Here is one way how to rock your boots: you can actually wear a long sleeves knit wear, which is actually trending nowadays, then pair it with a cargo pants or a khaki pants. Then you have too options: whether to use a long-length socks, which would give you a more stylish and edgy look, with your boots or just wear the boots without the socks. Finally, you can have add a watch and few bracelets. You can also wear it with a jacket if you want,especially if its cold or you're travelling.
Smart Casual

Another way to rock your boots is by having this urban and street style, which is more of a rugged and bad boy appeal. How? By wearing a Tank top, then short pants (For me: I like shorter length of shorts to make your legs look longer and I like a slimmer shorts so not to make it more stylish and not baggy  and too rugged). Then long-length socks (any color, as long as it compliments with the look) with your boots. Then, accessorize it with a watch, bracelet and bag pack or sack. Finally, you can wear it with a blazer or cardigan if you want not to show more skin. The second look is actually nice for travelling and for summer. Just play with colors and mix and match of different items and clothing.

On the go

Be bold and loud with your style.
Don't be afraid to express what you feel.
Just be sure, you won't be a clown and you won't be part of the cirque du soLAME.

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