Sunday, February 12, 2012

Row my Boat

One of my friend and co-blogger Patricia Anastacio, owner of Oneirophrenia|the misadventure of of trish in the clogged arteries of medschool, from Zamboanga Bloggers asked me if what is my take on boat shoes. Today, I'll be sharing with you guys what I think about Boat Shoes. I'll also be sharing what I love about it.
Tittle Banner Boat Shoes

What I think of Boat Shoes?
             Boat shoes are typically canvas or leather with non-marking soles designed for use on boat. A siping (rubber) pattern is cut into the soles to provide a grip on a wet deck or over ice; the leather construction, along with oil application, is designed to repel water (Wikipedia). Boat shoes are actually one of the classical ensemble,which during my younger years I never loved no imagine to have. For what reason? Because during the past, boat shoes come in neutral colors, which I find them to be dull and boring. 

              Now, I thank the person behind the innovative idea of producing bright and colorful boat shoes, because I find them cool, especially it caters all ages and generation. The new colorful colors makes boat shoes look young, fresh and frenzy. Hence, Its one of the classic collection, which every man should have.

Below, I created 4 inspirational looks which I personally love to wear with boat shoes. Remember, the super-star for this collection is the BOAT SHOES. So here are 4 different ways how to rock your style:
School Boy

First Look: I named this set as SCHOOL BOY. I find this getup perfect for wash day or for certain universities which does not require students to wear uniform. What I love about this look is its easy, comfortable and sleek. To achieve this smart and cool get-up you may use: Neutral button down shirt, khaki beige pants, brown belt, varsity jacket, neutral leather rucksack and of course your favorite boat shoes. Isn't it easy to look smart and stay cool, even with the use of Boat Shoes? :) 
Blue Cues

Second Look: I name this look as BLUE CUES. If you are looking for a get-up which you may use for work, night out  or weekend travel, this get up is perfect for you. Its not that over the top and its not that boring. You may also wear the blazer if you want to be more formal or you may use it when you are in meetings or business negotiations, or you may also opt not to use it. What I love about this look is its really fresh to look at, since its blue and cool for the yes. To achieve this, you may use: White button down tee, blue khaki pants, leather blue strap watch, leather weekend bag, shades, blazer and your favorite Boat Shoes

first date

Third Look: I call this look as MY FIRST DATE. Here is one simple way to wear Boat Shoes for your date. I chose this simple ensembles, so that you won't be over the top or you won't look overly dressed for you date. Just keep it cool and not to much. To achieve this, you may use: two-toned long sleeves sweater, dark denim or black leather pants, two inverted triangle necklace, leather wrist strap and your favorite Boat shoes. Its really simple and you need not to worry much. Just bring you swagger and attitude with you and you will surely have a perfect date.
Cruise with me
For my final and fourth inspiration: I call this CRUISE WITH ME. This is perfect for Summer, and outing. If you wanna look chic and stylish during vacation you could have this inspiration. This is one of my favorite inspirations because its really on-the-go feel and young appeal. To achieve this look, you may use: Blue long sleeves sweater, beige boyfriend shorts or long swimwear shorts, natural straw hat, triangle pendant necklace, blue-green watch, light blue shades and your favorite boat shoes. 

Here are my following favorite brands of Boat Shoes: Sebago, Sperry Top-Sider, TODS, and Regatta . Grab your own pair of Boat shoes.

Switch on you SWAG.
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