Friday, February 17, 2012

Oxygen Swagger

Its has been almost a week now since I had my last blog post and I never realized how time flies so fast. I just hate the feeling that every time we need to study or do something important, time runs so fast; but when we are in class, time seems to slow. Right? haha. Anyway, sorry if I wasn't able  to update my blog for the past days, I've been busy with school. I never expected that Law will be this hard. :( 

I posted a new look on entitled A Drop of Blood.

Black zip up polo, Oxygen; Denim pants, Penshoppe; 
Violet Sneakers, Converse; Watch, Ice.

Every time I see this photo, the first thing that pops into my mind is Vampire and Twilight. haha.
The forest feel and the black polo gives me the idea of Twilight Saga.
Is it me or this look has the Twilight-ish appeal?? haha Weid much.

The Black polo was actually a gift from a good friend of mine, before he left for Cebu. :D
Credits to: Mae Ablao for the great shots.

Moving on, just this week, Oxygen in collaboration with Status Magazine, announced a great news to all Oxygen lovers and fashionistas. They are scouting two fashion-forward interns to help them this summer with go sees, styling and (of course) Philippine Fashion Week 2012. However, you have to be the best among the rest in order to work with the best fashion crew. To know more details, see below:

I really wanted to join Experience Oxygen: Be an Oxygen Fashion Intern challenge since I've been a great fan of Oxygen. However, I felt really sad when I found out that I need to be in Manila in the month of March to May, which is impossible, since I would still be having classes by March and by third week of April, I need to go home since my Summer English Classes will start by that time. I hate the feeling that as if my heart was torn into pieces. It was a chance to be part of a prestigious fashion machine and to meet them in person would be a dream come true.:(  But I wish all those people who are joining this challenge and I hope to see your works soon. Good luck to all you Oxygen Fashionistas. Hopefully, we could see each other in Philippine Fashion week 2012. 

As what Oxygen and Status say:
- - - <3 - - -

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