Friday, April 20, 2012

April-licious Galore

I'm back!!! Yes, you heard it right. After the Holy Week in our province and Singapore Escape, I am ready to post my blog posts. I was supposed to post this before I was going to Manila, unfortunately I got busy packing my bags and internet was crappy during that time, so I decided to post it when we arrive in Ilocos, unfortunately I have no WIFI or even Internet connection. Here's my very very LATE post. I would like to share how I prepared before I left Zamboanga for a two-week vacation:

Before leaving, I had my hair trimmed and colored it with lighter brown shade.
I love my new hair color and style, however, I am really into white or lighter colors. Too bad I could not color it that way since my professors will surely gonna kill me,

I also bought various rings.
My personal favorite is the Jaguar connector ring. 

I also bought some new pieces for my closet. Here's one shocker, I bought this cargo pants. Wanna know why? See next picture.

Here's the two reasons why I'm shocked: (1) from the original P1,199.00 to P399.00 and (2) my waist line is already 29. Wooohooo! Party!

I also bought new plain shirts from one of my favorite brands OXYGEN Clothing. The colors are really nice as it is fresh and cool for a Summer.

I also finished visiting the famous Station of the Cross Abong-Abong, Pasonanca.
This is really a nice picture of the cross at the top of the mountain.
It was really fun and fulfilling reaching the top and experience the cool breeze of fresh air and see the view of Zamboanga City.Too bad I have no good picture of the Mountain View of Zamboanga #Epic Fail

I love staring at the flames of the candles. They are like dancing intimately like that of a ballerina Did you notice that?

 After going to Abong-Abong, we ate Balot and Penoy in front of the Butterfly Garden. Then, went to Chowking to eat dinner. I know. We were really full and are stomach were bloated. 8))

Here's my packed bag. HAHA. Seems like I'm bringing my whole closet. *kidding.
I'm ready to Fly to Manila.

Next Day, it was our flight going to Manila. It was a cool experience since the pilot of our flight was one of our relatives. Thanks to Cebu Pacific for being the Flight of Choice bound to Manila. 

I had the chance to sit in the Pilot Area. It was really cool and astonishing. There were many buttons and I realize how much difficult it was to differentiate from one to another. No wonder they are strict when one is color-blind. Now I understand.

Here's Kuya Jen. :D Thank you for the wonderful experience flying with you. 
That day, was really tiring for me. We directly went to the Bus Station going to our province. More or else, we traveled more than 10 hours. It was really crazy ride from Zamboanga to Ilocos. We reached Ilocos athe next day two in the morning.

How about you? How was your summer?

Walk strong and Fierce. Travel withy Style.

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