Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 1: Singapore Escape

April comes to an end and yet I have a lot of pending blog posts which I supposedly going to work on. I just had to delay them because I still have tons of work to settle and I have three classes for summer. Its really tiring  for me. Anyway, here is my first blog post for my Singapore Escape experience.

Singapore is really a majestic place; its very clean and life seems to be easy for them. Singapore maybe small but 4 days is not enough for you to visit a lot of beautiful and amazing parks and malls. What I love about Singapore is their architectural designs, they are really well-planned and you will really get amazed on how they really made it. 

While waiting for the boarding at NAIA 3, We stayed at Seattle's Best to drink their Javakula and to use some WiFi.

I ordered their Double Chocolate Mint Javakula. It was delixoxo
I would like to have some more.

Done having snacks; Back to the waiting area for boarding.
 Their International Flights only have few people compared than that of  Local Flights.

Our flight is brought to you by Cebu Pacific.
I really thank them since they always have cheap and affordable fares.

haha. I really don't know why their stamp is Hello Kitty. Though its cute.

Its boarding time. Bye Philippines (for now) and Hello Singapore.
Note: It only takes 3 hours to get to Singapore.

This is in the Budget Terminal of Singapore.
Note: They are really strict in terms of Security, they do not allow taking pictures inside the airport, especially in consular offices.
good thing I have my compact digital camera and put it with no flash so they did not notice it.

Outside the Budget Terminal Airport.

Ate Jo, my Mom, Me, and my Aunt
Before heading to our hotel, we had our afternoon snacks at McDonald's
Their food are really yummy. :D

While waiting for my aunt and mom, while they had our money change to SG dollars.
There are three recognized citizens in Singapore: Chinese, Indians and Malaysians.

Me and Ate Jo
Ate Jo is working in Singapore. Its a good thing she was available to spend time with us and tour us around the city. Thank you!

Look how beautiful Singapore is. They have clean and spacious streets. 

Singaporeans follow strict rules and regulations of the city. They are really obedient and they cooperate to the efforts of their government. No wonder Singapore is really developing.

Sorry for the blurred photo
This is taken in Mustafa Centre
I got shocked roaming around the Centre, since every floor has designated specific areas, such as: Jewelry Section, Electronics Section, Supermarket Section, Fashion Section and etc.

I really love the Electronic Section, the DSLR are really affordable and especially the Laptops and Electronic Shavers. Too bad I haven't got myself one. Though I got myself a USB port Mouse for my Laptop. :D

I really love this Mustafa Centre because it seems to have everything you need. Its one stop shop mall. You got everything here. However, after shopping for food and some items I really felt light headed and can not breathe well. You will really have a hard time breathing there since the place is full of spices and unwanted smells. hahaha sorry. I do not intend to offend someone.

My favorite section.
ICE CREAM!!!!!!!! Look at the Cadbury Ice Cream. I wished I bought one but I held myself since I've been eating a lot of chocolates that day. :D 

Look how cool the Money Changer Store. Looks like a bar or some like a casino. :D

After that day, we went back to the hotel almost 1AM already. We we're really tired that day and we just can't wait to hit our beds. Jeez.

Before we hit our bed, my aunt took a picture of the SG Dollars. :D Its really cool because they got this transparent plastic over their money. :D Very nice.

Here's a funny story: We were supposed to be going to Fragrance Hotel Emerald, however our taxi got us to Fragrance Hotel Ruby. We looked for the place almost an hour and I was just laughing all along since we looked like lost kittens searching our hotel and we were looking back and forth.We tried asking some Chinese but they did not understand us since they do not speak English. hahahaha.
It was hell FUN. :D


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