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Day 2: Singapore Escape (1st part)

Its Day 2 of our Singapore Escape and I would probably say that this is the most memorable experience since we really squeezed in a lot of sight-seeing and did a lot of walking. This day, we woke up very early to prepare, since the call time was 8:00AM and my Ate Jo told me that we are going to take us in Sentosa Island.

We really took the whole day just to see most of the famous landmarks of Singapore and it was jam-packed with a lot of people. What is funny is you will be able to hear a lot of Filipino Kababayan so its not far from home. Here's a fun fact: Singapore and Philippines have same timezone.

This is me and my Tita, while waiting for Ate Jo. 
We took our breakfast, and since there was no rice, I resorted to drink the Chocolate drink my aunt bought in Mustafa Centre.

Cam-whoring with my camera. I love the blurriness of this picture. I can't get off my mind how my shirt compliment with my hair. hahaha 

Again, me and my aunt in front of Fragrance Hotel Emerald

This is in Vivo City Mall.
It has a beautiful landscapes and innovative architectural design 

Here's a funny and terrible experience: Singapore has this 4 passenger rule in Taxi; one will sit beside the driver seat and the other three at the back. Because of the rule, we had to ride 2 separate taxis, I rode the taxi with Ate Jo's fiancee, Kuya Jeff. Our "uncle" which is our Taxi Driver dropped us in the Sentosa Port which was at the back of the Vivo City. It was okay, what turned to be a terrible experience is that our "uncle" does want to accept credit card transactions but he wants money. However, we have short money and we couldn't look for my mom, aunt and ate Jo. Kuya Jeff went looking for them as I stare at the fare matrix and want to cry. hahaha. it was a funny and at the same time terrible experience, the next time we took taxi I should bring along extra money.

in front of Marche Experience healthy indulgences cooked right before your eyes!

The tall girl is actually a model and there was actually a fashion show. I really wanted to watch it but we have no time to watch it so sobs. huhuhu

This is in front of Food Republic and I swear I got hungry smelling their delicious food. yummy!
The place was jam-packed with people. There were foreigners, tourist, Chinesse Nationals and even who are on summer camps.

My aunt, mom and me in front of Sentosa Station

Our e-pass. This is what is great about Singapore it developed electronic passes which really made people's life less hassle and less stress. You only need your money or coins tend you can purchase these cards or tickets over a vending machine. That's how smart machine in SG are. They even give you your change.

This is where we wait for our shuttle going to Sentosa Island


But before I could even see the famous Universal revolving Globe, I saw this familiar candy hanging landscape. haha

I really took this picture to show it to Mich Bugante, I did not expect that It was in Singapore. haha it was pretty cool.
So Mich, I know where you took your beautiful picture!! I love that place too. I'll tell you why later.

This is in front of the colorful version of the Merlion

Panaromic view of Universal Studios

Too bad I wasn't able to ride the various rides inside since we are racing with time. Maybe next time when I get back, but next time I will make sure its with my loved one. This is actually a nice place for Honeymooners. The rides and adventure would be nice when there's your lover beside you


I love the human-sized Hershey's Syrup bottle. If only it was true then I will take it with me. hahaha

Of course, I would not forget to take some shots for my Lookbook. So, if you liked it, you can hype it by pressing the link above this picture.

You could see the sea view of Singapore and it was really a beautiful view from where we are.


Man-made waterfalls. It was gorgeous and amazing.

Fun Fact: Since most of the lands are acquired. Singapore has no other way to develop beautiful landmarks such as this but to actually make a man-made island which they are going to improve on. It was pretty smart and innovative. Nothing is impossible.

Candylicious is like heaven for me. It housed a lot of chocolates and sweets. If you are a person with sweet tooth like me then this place would be for you. I actually want to buy a shirt here but my mom did not allow me. ahuhu. it was actually a cute shirt that says "If there's no chocolate in heaven, they i'd rather go to hell

Woah. I really fell in love with the place. I told myself that I would not be leaving this place without me tasting any ice cream from the store which I kept asking my mom to buy me an ice cream until she gave in. 

Look how cuddly and cute those bears are.

I won. My mom bought my this. Its called Olympic Cone. I did not know why it was called an Olympic Cone but when I started eating this ice cream, I realized then why it was called Olympic Cone. Its because you will really have a struggle eating it since its really big. I got this for 10 SG dollars and an equivalent of 350 pesos which my mom actually got mad at me. hahaha. I could not help but crave for it so sorry. it was worth is since it was really delicious and yummy.

I was really happy seeing the Universal Studio. I would really go back here after few years and will probably try the things I did not experience such as riding the rides inside Universal Studios and going to party all night.

Kuya Jeff, Aunt, Me and Mom

Enjoying the moment with M&M's. They were really cute and I could not stop playing with these human-sized figurines/sculptures.

When I saw this, I did not know why it was called Lake of Dreams and I find it quite boring. Though I would probably say it was really creative and really beautiful craftsmanship.

After lunch we visited the Lake of Dreams

I look around and found out that it was actually an interactive fountain. haha got curious?

The fountain was inspired with crawling vines of flowers and growing over the fountain.
It was a creative means to envision to reach your dreams.

There's a button you could push and as soon as push it water will be spurting out and rising in the sky.
So, I close my eyes, pray with my heart and pushed the button and the water shoot up the sky. It really gave me goosebumps and for a second my heart stopped for that moment.

We got tired walking and so I started sitting in front of the sculpture. Ate Jo accompanied me as well.

Goofing around while Ate Jo was trying to take a photo of me. *Camera-shy

Look at the artificial and man-made body of water Singapore created. Isn't is majestic?

Me and my mom in front a casino. 
We were supposed to try and play but since my aunt learned that I was just 20 years old, she did not allow me to play and said that we just play next time i'm of legal age. buhooo.

I was amazed by the led screens which encased the ceiling and had a beautiful lights and music.

This was in Resorts World Singapore
which housed famous fashion brands such as Chanel, Gucci and Versace.

Was so tired so to relieve some stress we tried goofing around with this sculpture. The sculpture was called Adam and Eve. :D

Unfortunately, I had less pictures for the Siloso Beach and other landmark places since it rained so I have to put the camera inside its bag. The Siloso Beach was closed because it was raining and there was no shuttle available to take us there so that means I haven't tried their i-fly. its soooo lame. I was for an adventure and yet my mom, tita and Ate Jo were afraid of heights so they did not want to take the cable cart or even the tiger's eye. huhuhuhu. 

Anyway, I'll be splitting this post into two, since I don't want to make this very draggy and long.

Before I end this post, I would like to thank Smorgasbord to feauture my Day 1: Singapore Escape 

Take some adventure and learn from it.
Singapore trip was indeed an adventure for us and we learned and loved to learn Singapore cultures and traditions.
I am loving Singapore.

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