Friday, May 4, 2012

2nd Day: Singapore Escape (2nd part)

Here's my promise to you guys, the second part of my second day in my Singapore Escape.

From Sentosa Island, we decided to go to Marina Bay Sands (MBS) by means of MRT
It was quite wonderful that the the express station is not that far since its only located within the vicinity of the mall. Of course, I was really glad since I was starting to get tired from walking for a couple of hours already.

We got our express card through a machine in VivoCity Mall

While my Aunt and Ate Jo are purchasing the express cards, I was taking some pictures as I was also trying to get some rest. haha.  it was heaven when I took a couple of minutes sitting.

Weeeh, MBS here we go.
SG Fun Fact: See that Blue Sinage posted on the wall, Singapore implemented this which actually prioritize Pregnant, Elderly and Handicapped to be accommodated in the MRT. It was actually a nice rule, however my Ate Jo say that some Chinese do not give their seats even though they know that it must be implemented.

Getting to MBS, we have to change a transit in an exchange point, we actually got lost looking for the exchange point haha.
Though we still got to Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands has their own indoor Venetian Ride

Isn't it sweet to ride a Gondola while appreciating the beauty of MBS architecture and designs.

Its lined up with famous brands like Ferrari, Gucci, Channel and Armani

While walking towards the other exit of MBS, I saw this cafe. Its really nice since the ambiance is more of French style. Fun Fact: Most of the crew are Filipinos.

One of the most interesting stores I saw is the Ferrari Store. They have this F4 Cart installed in the shop as an interior.

This is the other side of MBS. The mall is actually called "The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands"

Fun Fact: This is an installed glass whirlpool, the water goes down the indoor Canal which resembles like that of Venetian, and around the Canal are lined with Cafes and other shops. Isn't a crazy Architectural Design? 

This is one of the iconic landmarks in MBS.

The whirlpool is actually huge and it really is enjoying to see how it gets to fill up and goes in circles.

This is the famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel

a miniature design of the whole MBS.

Since all the girls are afraid of heights, My Kuya Jeff and I decided to have a view of the Sky Park which is situated on the 56th floor of the MBS. The coupon is at 20 SG Dollars which is an equivalent of  Php 700

I'm not very sure what this is, but its kind of a Art Science or Theme Park. Its actually cool since Its like a Futuristic Park which we often see in Movies.

The view at the top was astounding and incredible.

getting soaked with rain. :'( haha.

Another Singapore Landmark is the Singapore Flyer.

This is a man-made island which housed an outdoor football field.

Most of the crew are Filipinos as well as the visitors. :D

At first you might be wondering why it is separated from other stores in MBS, but the fun fact about this is this is not really separated since the basement of LV Mansion is connected to MBS and the other stores.

I couldn't dare to put my camera in mid-air since the height of the building freaks me a bit and makes me think what if my camera will fall down. ahahaha #paranoid

Another Landmark: Art Science Museum which has a majestic Architectural design that resembles a globe or more like a satellite.

The interiors of MBS Hotel

The view of The shoppes at MBS at night

The LV Island Mansion up close

The View from the other side of SG. (view from MBS)

I love this Mandals which I saw in LV but it cost around 200+ SG Dollars

This is the art exhibit hall of LV which connects LV and other shoppes of MBS, 

Aren't they cool? The installations are really quirky

I think this is one of the iconic LV designs.

The new collection of LV which was featured in the NY Fashion Week

The concept of LV was smart and head turner.

This is Versace Collection

The Versace features colorful and fresh colors which are good for summer.

The view of SG at night

Waaaah, Looks like America

It was really breath-taking and the ambiance was serene

My mom, Ate Jo, Kuya Jeff, and my aunt.

The Art Science Museum up close

We took our dinner in the local food chain of SG which offers tasteful dishes.
Then we took a walk going in the famous Merlion Statue.

We went home after this and it was approximately around 10PM already.
We sure had a blast that day, but we are also tired. :'( urgh
We couldn't take MRT anymore since we do not have any energy left so we decided to take a taxi going to the hotel.

I would like to take a night out that day, but I was really tired so when I arrived, I was the first to hit the bed.

Teaser for the third day: We went shopping.
Famous shopping district of Singapore.

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