Tuesday, May 8, 2012

3rd Day: Singapore Escape

This is the third day of my Singapore Escape.

The plan is to go for shopping, have lunch and meet with our relative in one of the malls in Singapore.
I decided to have a more relaxed and laid back outfit for the day, so I wore my 'boyfriend shorts', sweater and my high-cut shoes, which are comfortable for walking. I wanted to wear my slippers but the thought of walking the entire day, made me worry.

We are supposed to meet in Aljunied MRT stopover, but instead we went to the next stopover. Haha. Good Thing It was just one ride from Aljunied, so Ate Jo just met with us there and we bought coupon epass going to Bugis Junction.

Bugis Junction is actually famous for being one of the Fashion Obssession district in Singapore. 

Early in the morning, Bugis is already jam-packed with lots of people who are going for shopping.

This is a complex located just across the Bugic Junction. Ate Jo took a picture of me in front a Sex Store.

The store if named Sex Life. You have to be 23 years old to be able to go inside and buy stuffs. Also,No picture taking and food allowed inside.

Wonder why I was able to take some pictures? Its because the store was still closed during the time I was taking this! It was already late when I noticed the sign that states that picture taking is disallowed. hahaha. Yipee, at least I was able to have a picture before it opened.

The store sells sex toys such as Love dolls and game boards for your dream steamy night with your loved one. It will surely make your night extra special. Haha. Kidding.

Just look how crowded this complex is. Its just like Divisoria in Manila. Good thing here, you wouldn't worry for any thief or robbery. Its also clean and you could actually breathe well, unlike Divisoria where you hardly breathe.

Check this out! Look up close, Its their signature feature of the mall is its glassed-covered shopping street and its air-conditioned. It's the first glass-covered shopping mall in Singapore.

After spending our half-day roaming around the complex, we decided have some lunch in the house of Ate Jo's friend who was spending his birthday. He is also a Filipino who is working as an engineer for an Oil C Company; which means he really earns good. 

So we bought coupon e-pass for MRT going to our Ate Jo's Friend. 

Fun Fact: This is an Automated Coupon Machine which actually makes their life easier and simpler, its hassle free and you can actually just purchased it over a machine. Take note, in case you have a change, it will surely return it to you. 

Thus, if you reached your destination, you have to surrender the coupons and your 1 SG dollar will be refunded.

While waiting for the MRT. We sure do have a lot of plastic bags. :D

I could really see myself riding the MRT in Singapore. The life is actually fun and full of adventure. I really enjoyed hopping from one place to another.  In fact, I am afraid taking MRT alone, I just don't feel secured and safe when taking a MRT  in Manila.

After the MRT ride, we still have to cross the street and walk for a couple of minutes. While walking, I spot this cool and drooling car. o_0 woah.

We took our lunch over their place and it really feels like home since they served Filipino Dishes. The guy who is in Red Tank Top is the engineer who is celebrating the birthday. 

Fun Fact: It was quite shocking to see the inside of the apartment, it was cool and fresh. But once you step out the apartment the building seems old and very creepy.

After lunch and watching a movie over the place, we went to Lucky Plaza where my other relative was waiting for us there.

If Bugis was full of people, you would really get a head ache in Lucky Plaza since its more crowded in this place.

With my aunt (the one we we're waiting), mom, aunt Marie, ate Jo and me.

The very famous KOI Cafe which serves Bubble Milk Tea.

People are waiting patiently in the line just to taste this delicious Koi Bubble Tea

While waiting for the Bubble Tea, my mom and aunt were having a small talk with their cousin (I guess

Its sooooo delixoxo. :D 

Caramel Milk Tea - it was really good. I would love to have another one! :D

Look! I think this is just Regular-sized. Haha. It was really worth it and the bubble gelatin were really good.

After drinking the Bubble Tea and after the short talk, my other aunt has to say good bye since she has to go back to work. We decided to go across the street via underpass and went to Ion Orchard. 

 ION Orchard is known to its state of the art architectural design which actually won various awards for its unique and very edgy design.

This experience is really extra-ordinary and the shopping experience is beyond words to explain what I felt.

The underpass encased in a bubble-glass design! It was really beautiful. *Swear

Taken in front of two famous international brands: Louis Vuitton and Dior.

At last, my Aunt was able to purchased her Gucci. We actually had a hard time looking for the store, we have to walk around the mall just to look for it. Good thing, we found it. She was indeed happy to purchase one of her obsessions.

One of my Favorite Brand H&M, we actually searched for leather boots inside, but the quality of the boots are not that great so I told them that we'll just look for the Doc Martens Store instead.

This was in H&M when we were in escalator while looking for the male section.

Weeeeeh. At last, done shopping! Just took a shot in front of Candylicious before going to the Food Hall for Dinner, since everyone were hungry and tired.

You could really see our smiles when we saw this, we just couldn't wait till we could sit down and eat our dinner.

It's kinda lame since I forgot what name this dish is. Haha. This is sprouted beans, noodles, oyster and other spices. I love the taste at the start but as I eat more and more it makes me feel very full and I could barely finish it.

This is Noodles with sprouted beans and shrimp. I did not order this since I am kinda allergic with the shrimp and its not that appetizing unlike mine.

After the dinner, we decided to go home since it was getting late and ate Jo was going to have her work. It was really tiring again and seeing our hotel makes me want to sleep immediately. But my aunt told me to at least wash up before sleeping to wash up the dirt and dust on my body. (I felt I was a kid) Hahaha

Here's the shoes I bought. Courtesy of my Aunt.
Thank You for Everything Tita!! :D

There was no neutral or basic colored boots. So I chose this color since it goes well with my clothing pieces and it actually makes my skin fairer.

My first ever Doc Martens Boots, hope this is not the last I could purchase it. :D
I will surely save money just to avail another one maybe for my birthday! weeeeh!

We end our day by packing our bags for our flight the next morning. We had a little bit problem since I really wanted to bring the box home so I put it in my mom's stroller. Good thing my mom brought less clothes so she has lots of space on her bag! :D 
Finished packing my bags and I'm so ready to go to sleep. 

Zzzzz ^_^ 
Good night!!

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