Thursday, May 10, 2012

Be a Man: Mandals

Tired of wearing flip flops for summer?
Well, this summer its not all about flip flops.
I would like to introduce to you, one of my favorite foot-wear for summer. 


MANDALS - or more known as Man Sandals.
This is new summer foot wear, that consists of black or brown leather that covers 50%of the foot, buckles and thick soles.

Blue Blooded

First Set: Blue Blooded
If you want to hit the street and go mall-ing with your buddies, then this would be perfect for you.
Pair you denim shorts with your graphic tee long sleeves then put on your best pair of Mandals; and before you go out, accessorize it with a watch, aviator and cool rings.

Red Wave

Second Set: Red Wave
If you can't bear the heat of the scourging heat, wear tank top, pair it with your cool colored jeans and grab your mandals. Feel cool and beat the heat with this outfit. Especially you're in Manila or other Metro Cities, this would be the best outfit for you. Of course, don't forget to accessorize with bracelets and this cool key pendant necklace.

British Invasion

Third Set: British Invasion
The outfit says it all. Denim + Mandals + Flag Invasion.
If you're into a road trip and going to hit the beach. This would be a nice outfit for you.
Or else If you plan to go out with friends and just fond of sight-seeing or looking around your vacation place.
I am actually loving the denim rag sack and vest. Hence, the Mandals are just cool for the outfit. Perfect for summer getaway.

American Dream

Fourth Set: American Dream
If you are a fan of the flag invasion and you wanna ace an outfit inspired by it.This is one way to do it.
Moreover, if you are the type of person who is not fond of wearing short length pants or shorts, then flaunt your manliness with your favorite denim pants. Pair it with this acid-washed  flag tee and wear this cool mandals. And before leaving, grab your watch, beanie and bracelet. You sure are ready for summer vacation.

Flaunt your personality. Flaunt your style.
Enjoy your remaining summer days.
x x x

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