Friday, May 18, 2012


We were inspired to have a shoot as a bonding activity with my childhood friends and cousin last Saturday. Thanks to Krish for taking the pictures. While waiting for our other friend, we started the taking the first set.
 What I'm wearing: yellow basic tee (Oxygen), cream shorts (2nd Edition in Singapore), brown boat shoes (Surf Ryder), watch (ICE), yellow and red bracelet (thrift store), wayfarers (thrift store) and dog tag necklace (thrift store)

"Fashion fades,                        
                         only style remains the same"

-  Coco Chanel
Oxygen Fashion has been consistent with their very innovative and fresh designs and clothing pieces that caters both men and women. They have surely created a variety of choices from colors, designs and style. I have been a fan of their store since it never fails to deliver outstanding and interesting pieces, which suits my style and fashion choice.

Geez, after the shoot I realized something. I am getting faaaaaat again. X_x huhuhuuhuhu. It can't be. I need to get some exercise and burn some flab. Let's get fit and healthy. :D 

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Love yourself.
Embrace your style.
Unleash it within.
<3 <3 <3

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