Sunday, July 29, 2012

Royal Treatment

Hello Guys!! :D I know it has been ages since I last updated my blog and because of that I miss it so bad, just like how much I miss you all.

Ever since I was in college I only trust one hair stylist in our city and no matter what salon he'll be, I will surely be there to have my hair done. I have tried a lot of salons but he'll be the best from all the hairstylist I've been to. The problem is my trusted hairstylist already went back to his hometown and I am having a hard time looking for the best hairstylist, which I could entrust my hair.

It has been a while since I had my hair dyed and cut so I was actually eager to have it changed and trimmed, but I don't know where to go. So I tried Rstyle Salon which is located along Pilar Street, Corner Villalobos, Zamboanga City.

      Rstyle Salon celebrated their grand opening last July 10, 
2012. The Salon is owned and managed by Roland and his Family (Mallarez Family).

Now, you might be asking what is so special with Rstyle Salon  that differs from other Salons. Well, they use Cynos, which means Cycled Natural Original System, the first class professional hair styling product which originated in Korea.

They offer numerous services from rebonding, hair dye, hair  mask, hair extension attachment, hair collagen, foot spa, hair and make-up and many more.

Photo Taken: Rstyle Salon

After my Saturday Class and a short photo shoot with my classmates, I told my friend Roland that I'll be dropping by to treat myself and have some hair pampering. He told me that they are actually full as of the moment and if I would be fine if I wait. Since I was not busy as of the moment and I might not have any other time to have my hair done so I decided to wait. I only waited for some time since my friend and I had a few talk and not to mention they have a flat screen tv mounted on the wall to keep you entertained. 

This was while having my hair cut. I asked the hair stylist if what he'll be doing and he suggested for a trim. It was fine with me, since I love my hair as it is. ahahaha. vain? naaaah.

Done with hair cut. Now, waiting for the hair dye application. I chose black blue since we were told that hair colors are not allowed in law school. Buhoo. I wanted to have a loud hair color something like white, blue or violet. :D Do you think it looks good? 

Here's the Before and after photo. If you noticed, I still had a little brown effect before since I wasn't allowed to have it re-dyed because hair color is not allowed. I was really eager to have it fixed since I hate seeing my hair color uneven. It look like failed highlights. urgh. I love the result, though the blue tinge is not that noticeable but still, I love it. I missed my close to natural hair color. It looks cleaner and sleeker. 

The whole experience was a royal treatment. The staff were really nice and funny. They relate to their customers to keep them comfortable and worry-free. The experience was awesome, I had this moment were it was really magical, the scent and the feeling was heaven. I know it sounds weird but it was really true. It wasn't just a feeling but I could actually see it. After my hair pampering session, I could notice how my hair becomes so smooth and silky. It was like a virgin again. Now, I don't have to worry to wax and fix my hair everyday, since I am very happy how smooth my hair flows. I just can't imagine I could actually experience this kind of feeling. Plus, I also found the right person to entrust my hair. Thanks to Rstyle Salon, I found my new hair stylist and my new hair pampering destination.

If you want to experience the royal treatment which I had, then drop by Rstyle Salon. :D

Remember that our hair is our crowning glory.
How can you have a wonderful day,
if you have a bad hair day. 

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