Friday, July 6, 2012

Denim Lab

Credits to: Christine Mae Ablao from Classy Rugged Chic

Denim is not a new trend for men and it is certainly making its way on top. The ripped style have been out of season for quite sometime and now, everything makes it more stylish and modern. With denim, it never gets boring and out-of-style. Apart from it, its comfortable, light and easy to wear with almost everything. May it be all denim outfits, denim jackets or denim shoes, it will surely make you look great and fab.  Especially now that it comes with different color this season from the classic blue to rust denim, then it will be a perfect choice for you.

What I'm wearing: denim jacket (Mom's Closet), black shorts sleeves buttons up (GTQS), stripes belt (Bench), skinny jeans (Abercrombie) and combat boots (Dad's Closet).

Urgh. I look so retarded with the photos. hahaha. Anyway, Don't be afraid to wear an all denim outfit because this look got a lot of good feedback this season. Take care always and always be fab. :D

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