Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rocket High

Hello Guys!! Aside from the Firmoo Glasses, my package from Smart Communications also arrived   last June 09 2012. This means that this post has been way over due because of my paper and enrollment.

I got this Rocket Plug-it Prepaid kit from Smart. Thanks to Mich Bugante's Twitter craze contest I got to have this kit for FREE

"Get ready to break the barriers of your ordinary broadband experience with the Rocket Plug-it! With speeds up to 12 mbps—it’s the fastest in mobile prepaid broadband. Running on Smart’s more than 1500 HSPA+ sites nationwide, you’ll be sure to experience blazing speeds, for only a onetime fee discounted fee of P2,345." - Smart 

Getting this package delivered was a struggle for me and the distributor. That is why I thank Ms. Abbie Real for being nice and patient. The first package got lost on its way, since it was shipped on a different address. The second package was sent back to the distributor, because during April, no one was at home so no one was able to receive the package. This time, Abbie asked for another address so I gave my mom's office address and thank goodness after months of waiting I got my package!! I am just happy to try this new kit.

As a blogger, you just want to share all your experiences in life anytime and anywhere. And it would suck not having a fast internet access. That is why, with the new Smart Rocket Plug-it you are assured that you will have the best and most reliable internet access that will not let you down. Moreover, it does not only give you a reliable internet connection, its also stylish and very chic.

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