Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Monday Ecstasy

It was just pure heaven for me to get four days of rest, especially in law school where we are expected to study and work hard and party less. Of course, its not only Law who deprives students from these luxury of having rest and fun, there are other highly-demanding professions. Anyway, my "mini-vacation" is over, now I have to face the reality. *buhoo. :(

Last Monday, we are honored to have with us one of the most highly-reputable person in the field of Law, to give a seminar synthesis on Constitutional Law.

Fr. Joaquin Bernas, SJ  in Xavier University College of Law - Zamboanga talking about the basic and significant principles and provisions of our Constitution, while relating it to the current issues of our country like the on-going impeachment trial of Chief Justice Corona. 

Blue Long Sleeves, Image Maker; Printed Necktie, Select; 
Tailor-made Pants and Coat; Shoes, Deer Stags and Messenger Bag, Memo.

Aside from meeting Fr. Bernas, SJ that day, what my day happier is when I found out from Michelle Bugante that I won a Rocket Plug it from Smart Communications. Well, for some reason, I never expected winning because I was just helping Mich answer her tweet question "What gives you a #RocketHigh?" So, I would like to thank Mich and Smart. *cheers.

Because of Smart Rocket Plug it, there's no reason for me not to blog, especially  during out-of-town trips. 

Smart launches HSPA + Rocket High Line up: Rocket WiFi, Rocket Plug it and Rocket Chic 

To learn more about Smart Bro Rocket: http://store.smart.com.ph/

I never thought that I'll be having Monday Ecstasy, thank you for the blessings I am receiving.
One thing I learned that day: the less you expect, the more you are blessed.
:) :) :)

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