Monday, February 6, 2012

La Femme

My new collection entitled La Femme.
First and foremost, I did not settle for a theme so you would see no cohesion on my sketches. 
I'll be setting a theme next time though.

First Look: Blue Asymmetrical top, Yellow Belt and White Skinny Jeans
I wanted to create a more street-smart getup for women. More likely what you see in NY streets.
Its something comfortable and light, something that women would wear when working or partying. Specifically a day-to-night getup. Just accessorize them with some jewelry and from your casual work getup, you can now rock the night away.

2nd Look: A Deep Blue Criss-cross Top, Light Blue Mullet skirt and Blue Leggings
Its my first attempt to create this look. I want to try playing with shapes and lengths of the skirt. In this look, you can opt whether you'll wear the leggings underneath the Mullet skirt or not, in any way, its still chic and lovely. This is one way to cover up or be conservative without making the outfit really crazy or out of this world. *though I am not very satisfied on how this sketch looks like and I can sense that there are certain things that does not go well with it. 

3rd Look: A Silver lace dress
 My concept for this is a classic dress with a spicy twist. As you can see, the frontal design is simple, its just a plain silhouette and I just accented it with a lace on her neckline. I also choose silver or gray, because although its monochromatic, it still looks good and expensive on women. The back design is actually the twist.  I made it open and semi-backless, just to show her sexy back. :)) hehe.

4th Look: Green Haltered Mullet Dress
This would be my favorite in this collection. 
My concept for this dress is something elegant and at the same time playful and young. 
I want it to be light and flowing. The light cloth used here will create the wind-effect every time she walks and it will flow beautifully as the woman moves. Moreover, what I love about this dress is that it gives the balance of sexiness and elegance, without making the dress look cheap

Va Va Vogue!!
live life to the fullest

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