Saturday, February 4, 2012


How's your day guys? I hope you had fun. If you'll ask me, I do had fun bonding with my family. It was worth remembering, my mom and I went to "Magay" to look for sensible and cool stuffs. Unfortunately, I haven't found what I'm looking for, though I bought two items. I'll be sharing them tomorrow. As for now, I'll be sharing my new design collections. :) hehe

Last time, I said that I won't be posting designs anymore, because my friend told me that people might use my ideas and that would be unfair on my part; which I reflected upon and agreed that he was right. Anyway, I remember that I made a promise to make a collection for men. Sorry, if this is quite delayed, it actually slipped off my mind and almost forgot about it. 

Without further ado. Here are my NEW personal designs.
Before anything else, sorry for the poor coloring, I don't have any Adobe Illustrator so these are all hand-made. :) Next time, I promise for a cleaner and more beautiful work. *PEACE

My HOMBRE collection. :)

First Look: This is a  Red 3/4 Polo shirt overlapped with the Black short-proportioned hoodie, then paired with black skinny jeans.
 Okay, so this isn't my favorite and I was disappointed on how it looked like. 
:( huhu. *EPIC FAIL

Second Look: Yellow V-neck Tee and Blue mid-rib proportioned hoodie, while the bottom is a Red Harem Pants.
I wanted to add an Orange Circle on the lower right of the shirt to give a visual effect but I though that it would look like a rainbow if I'll add another color to my design. What do you think? Should I put the circle on it?

3rd Look: a Black with Gray Leather Jacket, Green V-neck Tee and Blue boyfriend shorts.
Among the four, this would be one of my favorites. I love boyfriend shorts and in reality, I really wanted to have a similar jacket I designed. :))

Last but not the least, An Electric Blue Asymmetrical Top with a Gray short-proportioned Blazer and a Pink Skinny Pants
This would be my favorite among all the designs. :) I love the boldness of its color and the preppy style of this look gives my the urge to buy similar pieces. The Pink Pants was inspired from H&M Men's Collection. Its really attractive to the eyes and its really nice.

How will others love you, if you don't even know how to love yourself.
:) :) :)
Good Night
<3 <3

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