Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hell Week

Hello guys, how are you? Sorry for being away for a week, I've been burning my eyebrows for days, since its our Midterm Examinations. Thank God, I survived the Midterms, but revelation of grades are next in line. Honestly, I really don't know how I did in my exams. I just  feel depressed and down because I feel that I am not that prepared. huhu. *crying

Anyway, let's move on. I don't want to dwell much on that, i just have to move on and accept whatever the results maybe. *crossed-finger I am still hoping I can ace and get good grades on my exams. haha.

I've been missing and dying to blog. So today I'll be talking about my Hell Week Experience. I don't know if I will call it Hell Week, because every day in Law School is Hell for us. So, I guess my Hell Week Experience is more than Hell. hahaha. 

Before Hell Week started, I got to attend two parties. First is the one-year old birthday party of my classmates' daughter and the other one is my classmates wedding.

Garden Orchid Convention
First Birthday of Chaeli Camille Rugayan-Climaco
Daughter of my dear friend Camille Rugayan and my Law Classmate JC Climaco.

The Little Angel Chaeli Camille.
She was really adorable, sweet and very healthy. She was indeed an angel with her wings, head piece and white dress. It was really cool seeing her in her red car as she was having her grand entrance with her lovable parents. The party was jam-packed with other little kids and it was really fun, because the children are enjoying the games and surprises.

While we were in our table, we all talked about cellphones, specifically Samsung Y. It was Samsung Y invasion in our class. haha. But, seriously, Samsung Y is worth it, it is affordable considering that it is already an android phone. Moreover, its really convenient and wifi ready. Go grab one. :)

Bryca Zambo
Daughter of Bryan Zambo. She was really pretty and looks like an angel. I took a picture of her while she is eating her ice cream. She was really pretty like her Mom. Every time I see her, she is in her dress and its really adorable. Nowadays, you often see girls wear classical dresses, with Bryca, she was like an angel who came down from heaven.

After attending the 1st Birthday Party of Chaeli, we went to Kaiser's Wedding.

Astoria Regency Suites and Convention Center
At last, Kaiser and Christine tied there ties and exchange their vows. It was overwhelming to see your friend or classmate marry. In a simple way, it was a special moment not only for the couple and newly-wed but even for a visitor like me, to experience and get the chance be with them and share their special day. It was quite unusual however, since it was just 8pm when other visitors are heading out the convention already. I wish Mr. and Mrs. Kaiser and Christine Olaso best of life. :))

The next day, (MONDAY) it was our first day of examinations, and I am not very confident to take the exams. I was not in the mood and I have no motivation for the Midterms. :( huhu.

 I wore a basic tee, then overlapped it with a varsity jacket. Accessorize with some accessories, which I bought from a thrift store, Mix and Match. I also wore one of my favorite shoes, which I got them more than 50% discount in Cebu. I love it so much! haha.

When I was bored from studying. I got the chance to rest and take some shots from our Faculty Lounge, which we use for studying. haha.

Obligations and Contracts
This was the last exam we had for our Midterms, excluding Constitutional Law. The questions were okay, but answering is the hard part. I was confident in answering the questions, but after the exams, I really felt that my answers were not sufficient and are not well articulated. What is worse is that, we discussed some answers, my answers were really apart from my other classmates. From that moment, I just want to burst in tears. Huhuhu.:'(

Today i'll be spending my afternoon with my best friend and we're gonna watch a movie just to forget all about my Hell Week Experience. I was horrifying and not worth remembering. 

How about you guys? How was your week? 
Just remember, Do not dwell, Move on.
<3 <3 <3

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