Saturday, January 28, 2012

Summer Blues

Summer Blues

"Reminiscent of the crystalline Mediterranean waters, blue is the colour for ss 12. From navy to azur passing by lapis and indigo the whole tonal spectrum of blue was present on the Milan/Paris catwalks. Teamed with orange or yellow, blue can make a real statement. Paired with white, the marina chic look is complete." -Swide
This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but since I was lazy to blog, I decided to hit my bed and  relax. Today, I'll be out for a Birthday party and a Wedding; and since tomorrow we will be having our midterms, maybe i'll be away for a week to burn some eyebrows and cram myself with tons of pages to read.

Moving on, the Summer Blues are my ultimate collection for Summer and Spring 2012. I love the color of blue and its really eye-popping and its vibrant to see. This is one of the most common colors we usually use, but its really cool and fresh, especially for a hot summer and spring. The challenge here is to mix and match them with the right combination because like bright colors, they are really bold.

I would probably say that among all my clothes, blue is the more dominant. Its really refreshing because it resembles ocean colors and its relaxing. The richness of the colors can be paired with white just to tame the boldness, or you could do color blocking and use other contrasting colors that would go along with blue like yellow or orange.

Wear the clothes, do not let the clothes wear you.
Have a blessed Sunday.
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