Friday, January 27, 2012


This is the second to the last trendsetter for 2012 Summer and Spring Collection, and I intentionally reserved these last two trendsetters to be featured last because they are my two favorites among the other trendsetters.

"Moving forward from the very masculine blue, other brights lit up the catwalks in Milan/Paris. Parrot greens, oranges and highlighter yellow contrasted with warm hues of berry. The trend is easy to wear: interpret it with knitwear or even leather, while for the more daring a few tailored suits in bright fluo pink colour made an appearance on the ss12 catwalks." - Swide

We often see men use monochromatic or those colors that men usually use, like red, green and black. These are the basics of men in Philippine setting, which we can't blame them if they don't venture into crazy colors, styles or trends. During the past, pink is unlikely being worn by men and they actually make fun of those people who wear them, because it somehow gives the impression of being gay. But, these color has been accustomed already to us and we actually see a lot of men use these colors nowadays. Hence, it actually makes them young, fresh and fun to look at.

This year, bright colors are hitting the runway and they are steaming hot to see. The are refreshing and fun to see as they walk down the runway, from different shades of yellow, orange, magenta and parrot green. Its really interesting because the colors are very crazy and bold. Though its hard to wear this getup because it requires men the right confidence and attitude to ace this style. 

I would probably say that this is the best summer and spring style for men, since its really fun and playful. You will surely feel fresh and relaxed with this clothes.

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