Thursday, January 26, 2012


"Summer tartans and checks provide an alternative to the louder tropical prints for ss12. Available in the subtle hues of neutrals, eye popping brights or in a monochrome palette, checks adorn lightweight overcoats, shirts and suits galore." - Swide
Here is one of the classic that never dies. :) They never fail to impress us, may it be for formal or casual getup. Checks or what we commonly call them as Checkered, nowadays come in different shades, from monochromatic and bright ones. This another way to have a stylish and fashionable summer and spring, you pair it with white pants then an undershirt then hit the beach; then for night out pair it with blazer then party all night long. This classic look is easy to mix and match. Hence, if you are a person who is also on the go and tend to have less time to think what to wear, you can always resort to this and it will not surely fail you!

What I love for Checks is that they come in different colors, and I am eyeing for those bright one because it is young and fresh. they are really good for Summer and Spring.

Dress to kill.
P.S. Don't be a fashion victim
<3 <3<3

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