Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Soft Tailoring

Soft Tailoring

"In keeping with the laid-back feel of the season, soft tailoring is the only way to sport sartorial excellence for ss 12. Soft silhouettes, unlined jackets and low- rise trousers are perfect to keep cool in the summer heat. For this casual/formal hybrid in linen, washed cotton and soft denim, the more crumpled the better" - Swide

This is one of my Favorites for SS12. :) The idea of incorporating the basic tailoring and the use of a soft fabrics instead of the traditional and accustomed ones is a smart way to keep this collection fashion forward and up-to-date. We all know that Formal wears are usually heavy and thick so as to emphasize, of course, our body frame and to bring the masculinity within us. But here's the good news, we can actually embrace and use formal wear for spring and summer this 2012. No need to feel awkward or uncomfortable, the innovativeness of which to use light linens such as jerseys and alike  keeps it to have a more casual look. We also don't need to be conscious about how the coat look or it is crumpled, but instead feel relaxed and be laid back, this soft tailoring are soft and comfortable even for a day full of loaded work. 

Live, Laugh and Love.
Inhale and embrace the style and fashion
:) :) :)

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