Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Short Proportions

      "Much in the same way as in womenswear, tailoring has undergone a transformation in recent seasons. Traditional proportions, especially in classic menswear, have been turned on their heads and have resulted in shorter blazers or trousers with dropped crotches". -Swide
Short Proportions

The Short Proportions gives the style fashion forward and bold feel. The styling through time has transformed into a more creative and sensible one. the shorter and sleeker the better, it really give emphasize to your assets. They even say "If you got it; flaunt it!"

The transformation of this styles improves the lifestyle of one man and from this, changes one man into a better individual that embraces the life of fashion and styles. We no longer want those baggy and over-sized clothes pieces, instead we innovate them to shorter proportions and slimmer variety.

Love and be loved
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