Friday, December 30, 2011

Oh dear, its New Year

A few days ago, I received a question from Buzznet asking "which of these New Years Eve looks is most 'you'?"

I pressed on the link given to me, and well and behold, the outfits are for girls. :( huhu. I felt sad, because I was expecting outfits for guys. But I realized something and I wanted to share it with my fellow men, even with the use of girl mags and outfits, we can actually use them as inspiration and turn them to a manly interpretation. 

Here is the link of  the outfits created by Audrey Kitching

With no further ado, here are the outfits:

First Inspiration: a golden tube top with black ruffled dress paired with a  black jacket (i'm so sure if its tassel or feather/fur coat. ahaha) gold closed stilettos and gold accessories.
As for make-up, you can actually have a light make up with red lips.

Second Inspiration: Like being tomboy for New Year? Use a silver sequined blazer 
(just make sure you'll use something underneath it) with a skinny leather pants/leggings or jeggings and a high-cut leather boots and use black accessories like bangles, watch and rings. :D
As for make-up, you can have a simpler one, just use a lip balm or lip gloss. 

Third Inspiration: Gonna hit some waves or have a wonderful beach New Year? You can welcome New Years Eve with a floral printed chiffon dress, white tasseled blazer and strapped flats or heels (if you like) 
As for Accessories, then accessorize it with beach shells bracelets, dangling shell earrings and feather necklace.

Fourth Inspiration: If you wanted to unleash the woman in you or you like to welcome 2012 being "kikay" then feel no worries, because you can have your dream get-up. Wear a long sleeved laced top then pair it up with a short skirt (you can actually put a belt around your waist) then of course use a pair of flesh/cream colored heels. :D Accessorize you getup with a big chic rings studded with precious stones and a collared-liked necklace. btw, you can wear this getup with-or-without the fur coat.
As for make-up, you can put some fake lashes, light makeup and a luscious pink lips.

Fifth Inspiration: If you want to embrace your New Yorker street style, then don't be afraid to do so. Welcome the 2012 with a black shirt, black and silver striped pants and a high-cut studded strapped on boots then to add an edgy look, wear a fur jacket, gloves, stars printed scarf and a sequined beanie. Accessorize it with a variety of cute connector rings 
As for make-up, you can wear make-up, just keep it simple, or a face powder and lip balm will do. :D you don't want to be the laugh of the town.

Sixth Inspiration - Be a fashionista this 2012 with a long sleeved silver dress with feather fringe at the bottom of the dress, a high, closed toe laced up pumps with silver studded buttons. Accessorize it with a feather-like bangle and a spike necklace and a circular studded chain bag.
As for make-up,  a Kim Kardashian inspired make-up will do, have a shadowed eye make-up, put some mascara and lets not forget to have a red luscious lips for this get-up.

Seventh Inspiration,  Be Bohemian for New Year? Wear a monotone or an earth-toned printed long sleeve mini dress, floral print jacket with fringe/tassels and a strap-on pumps. Then accessorize it with a huge bangles and circular gold earings or a golden-tipped tear drop dangling earrings, scarf and a fringe clutch bag.
As for make-up, you can have a sultry eye make-up or have a smokey eye shadows (like monochromatic in effect or as if your pale)  then lip gloss or light lipstick will do. 

So here are seven inspirations you can have when welcoming 2012. 
My inspiration for New Years Eve would probably be
poor little rich girl, or tomboy inspirations. :D
 Now, let me ask you. 
Which New Years Eve looks is most "you"?

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