Thursday, December 29, 2011


December 29, 2011 - First Zamboanga Bloggers Meetup in Witchcraft by La Tienda (be blogging that later. haha) 

While having conversations with the bloggers, Mae of classyruggedchick and I talked about her recent post entitled UNLEASHED. Its about our Pre-Grad shoot we availed with C-works Photography, and because of that post, It gave me flashbacks on the precious times we spent during second year college. We usually stayed overnight at Mae's house and out of boredom, we actually played with makeups and had fun shoots. I even told Mae that i'll be blogging about that. hahaha. 

She thought I was just joking about posting our pictures here, but sorry Mae, I'm NOT. :D 
Here are some of our silly shoots we had during the past:

I couldn't believe that i'm actually posting this pictures. 
Ahaha. this is embarrassing, I looked like a gay-lord here
 while Mae (right) and Megan (left) are my evil princess assistants.
 LOL. Corny so much....
 This was a closet shot I took. Haha.
Megan, Mae and with Mae's Teddy Bear (Forgot the name. Its either Cyber or Xander)
EPIC!! Mae took this shot and since I have no head piece,
 I used the silver glittery sling band as a head band. resourceful? haha
For their head piece, Mae used a small tiara.
Megan on the other hand used  Mae's Necklace as a head piece. hahaha.
This was taken during for our music video that we're going to use for our
History 201 presentation representing the Majestic culture of INDIA.

So here are our crazy shoots we had during college.
I know its embarrassing but hell we had fun doing this stuffs.
This is one of the few moments we love and cherish to reminisce.
P.S. while blogging this post, I can't stop laughing. @@
<3 <3 <3

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