Monday, December 26, 2011


I was going through my pile of papers a while ago looking for a specific handout, which I actually need for my class. As I was sweating out looking for that handout, I found lots of designs I made during my spare time and college. 

Here is my new collection of designs. :D 
My collection's name is FABULEUX.
 A french word, which means "fabulous"

Red symbolize many things; from blood, to love, to infatuation.
That is my inspiration for my collection.

For the first design, a short sleeve dress with sequined horizontal stripes.
I wanted to emphasize the bust line and give a sexier and flirty taste. 

The second design is a Red Victorian neckline for the top. 
While the bottom is a black high-waisted bandage skirt
For accessories: you can wear a simple necklace with a pendant, fringes
 or use those longer and bigger necklaces.

Third Design: An intricate short sleeves over a v-shaped tube dress
The dress is patterned in a criss-crossed pleated design that will wrap the woman's body perfectly.
For Accessories: accessorize it with bangles and bracelets with rings.

Dress to kill
 Be fabulous always Darlings.
Lots of LOVE.

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