Thursday, December 22, 2011

Under the sun

Last week, I was tasked to deliver some invitations for our Christmas Party to our guests. Since I was driving for more than 4 hours and I was using my motorcycle, I guess you would probably know what happened next. I got sunburn, which actually made me look like a steamed-crab. You can really notice the unevenness of my skin tone of my face and other parts of my body, which causes extreme damage to cells and collagen.

It was so depressing for me; because I was actually just recovering from the sunburn I got during sembreak, and here I am suffering it again. Having tan lines and uneven skin tone It makes me feel insecure and it lowers my self-esteem. I really wanted to stop driving motorcycles for a moment because the dust, pollution and the extreme hotness of the sun causes further damage on my skin. Unfortunately, I couldn't because, it would be a hassle for me to commute or ask my dad to drive me to school.

Insecurities and frustrations are killing me each day. One time I was supposed to have my phone open-lined, but because there was no available software for my phone, I got tempted to invest some of my savings in buying whitening products. I just really hope and pray that after a month or so, I will regain a healthier and fairer skin. Here are the products, which I am using now:
Enriched with 5 natural ingredients that effectively lighten and brighten the skin. Also formulated with an oil control technology that regulate oil production thus preventing the formulation of blemishes like acne. I am using this twice a day, after washing my face with a mild soap.

Nivea For Men's Anti-Aging Q10 Toner is designed for the purpose of prevention and reparation. In addition to the usual duty of a good toner - removing impurities left behind after cleansing - the Anti-Aging Q10 toner also contains two key ingredients: Coenzyme Q10 and Pro-Vitamin B5.These two ingredients help to repair skintect against the signs of aging. Which, I use only on evening before applying Nivea for Men Moisturizer
Nivea For Men UV Whitening Cell Repair & Protect Lotion with 5x White Cell Repair formula helps repair your damaged skin from sun and pollution resulting in a healthy and naturally white looking smooth skin.

iWhite Whitening Pack removes deep-seated dirt, whiteheads, blackheads, dead skin and other impurities to reveal a radiant glowing, younger-looking skin. Especially formulated with Mulberry Extract that whitens dark skin and evens out discolorations, Panax Ginseng Root Extract that revitalizes and improves skin health and Vitamins A,C,E and B5 to prevent premature aging. This is better used twice a week, which I apply before the toner and moisturizer. What I love about this product is you can really see the difference before and after applying it. Even with one try, you can appreciate what this product can do.

I am willing to do everything just to regain my fair and healthy skin. Just like women, we also need to take care of our skin. I think, you can really see how vain and how insecure I could be when it comes on having dark skin, uneven skin tones and other impurities that I am willing to use all of these products.

There is nothing wrong to invest some savings with your trusted and worthy products, especially if it will help you make your skin look young, healthy and fair. Hopefully, after a month or so, I could write some reviews of each product and be talking about its pros and cons. 

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