Thursday, April 25, 2013

Coron Invasion

CORON, PALAWAN - is considered to be one of the best vacation and tourism spot in the Philippines. Known for its great natural beauty and ecosystem, this is the best place for people who would love to do wreck diving, snorkeling, island-hopping, sun-worshiping and exploring. 
You might be wondering what am I doing here in Coron. If you are guessing that I'm here for vacation, you are definitely wrong. I'm on my internship in Environmental Legal Assistance Center, Inc. (ELAC) under the Ateneo Human Rights Center of ADMU. The significance of this internship program is to provide  law students the experience in order for us to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitude of being a human rights lawyer who renders service to sectors who are vulnerable to human rights violations. In my case, I advocate the rights of the people to a balanced and healthful ecology and campaign against the further impairment and destruction of our ecosystem and environment. However, apart from the law internship, I take this chance to see and appreciate the exquisiteness of the rock formations, white sands, coral reefs and crystal clear water of their seas. In short, a mini-vacation for me. Yey!

To start my Coron Adventure, my boss invited me to an overnight in Nici Island. It is a private island owned by his Brazilian client. 

It took us 1 hour bangka ride going to the island.

My boss asked me what could be the possible reasons why there are no trees on the mountains. I was thinking maybe its because of mining or illegal logging; but to my surprise its due to the soils acidic consistency because of  the oozing large amount of manganese underneath it.

Look at the pretty and clean water of Coron. No wonder, people from Coron are really advocating their environmental rights to have a balanced and healthful ecology. Let's maintain cleanliness and the integrity of the ecosystem and stop the further destruction of coral reefs and the habitat.

Ta-daaa. Look at the house. Its a simple bungalow house with 3 bedrooms. The client owns the whole island, so we were taking (with my boss) and we said that it would be more beautiful if it was a glass house. Apart from that, there are two things which surprised me.

First,  they have a built in pool and its actually intended to be an infinity pool, overlooking the wide ocean view from the top of the island.

and Second, this Lawn Tennis court at the backyard. I just can't believe  that this actually exist in the island. :D I was beyond my expectation.

After, looking around the island, we decided to go snorkeling before it gets dark. What's amazing is that the place is a coral reef laboratory (as what they call it). There are great and amazing coral reefs and fishes. Below, are some underwater photos which we took when we snorkeled around the are. 

Hard Coral reef with black weeds/fern.

This is one of my favorite, a spiral coral. I love how its spirals resembles a rose.

This is quite blurry, but look at the blue fishes. :D

They look pine trees, its just that they are found underwater. I wonder if fishes also celebrate Christmas. *kidding.

Lastly, this is also another favorite. I actually don't know what the blue thing is but I love how it was taken and with that small black fish. Too bad, it was not Nemo. :D hehehe. I'm expecting more fun before my internship ends, hopefully, I could go snorkelling again and take more great underwater photos. 

 Do what we can, summer will have its flies
- Raplh Emmerson 

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