Friday, January 13, 2012

Sunbleached Neutrals

At last!!! I was able to finish my 2012 Spring Summer Collections for Men.

Here are the hottest trends for Spring and Summer for the year 2012; brought to you by famous designers all over the world. During the Fashion Shows, runways are awash by colors and prints that give you the real feeling of summer and spring. Innovative reinterpretation of traditional materials such as leather and net are one of the hottest trends for this year. Hence, what is evident in the evolution of fashion for 2012 is the architectural innovations of reworking what is the traditional to a straight forward high fashion flavor.

However, because of an apparent reason, I have to review each set per day. In that way, we can appreciate each of them and review them better.

My Fashion Trendsetter for today on the SS12 Men's Trends is: SUN-BLEACHED NEUTRAL

Sunbleached Neutrals
Linen and cotton sand-hued separates graced the Milan/Paris catwalks lending the season an easy chic mood. A perfect accompaniment to that Mediterranean tan, summer neutrals are all the rage.

If you wanna have the easy way to have a chic mood in you, wear neutral color clothing. Sometimes, when people say that wearing neutral color clothing makes the impression of dullness and boring. Let's erase that impression, because wearing gray or neutral colors actually gives sophistication and chicness, at the same time you are comfortable.
During springs and summer, you don't have to wear all the colors of the rainbows or be colorful as the color wheel. Wearing Neutrals during Spring and Summer does not make you odd or out-of-place, because these colors are actually good during these time. Remember, wearing dark clothes during Summer and Spring will make you feel more sweaty and warm.
Hence, if you're always on-the-go and tend to have little time to think on what to wear this Summer and Spring, you can actually pull out some neutral color clothing from your closet and be ready to hit the road. Don't be afraid to wear neutral, you can be chic and fashionable even with these kind of clothing :D

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