Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 Hair Trends

My hair is getting longer and longer and I am loving it. :D 

Since its already year 2012, I'm actually planning to have it trimmed; and I am thinking to go with what is trending. 

Men's hair trends last for more than a year and it has been evolving through ages. Which unlikely for women, which does not last even for a year, since the transition and evolution for women's hair trends are easily changing from time to time.Here are the 2012 Hair Trends for Men:

short back and sides. 
This is an edgy look for men. Influenced by early 20th Century.
But before you even think of having this hair, it is a must that you consults your hairdresser, barber or anyone concerned whether this look looks good on you. It is because this hairstyle does not look good to all men.
This is good for people who have straight hair and those hair which can be straightened.

"The Brit rock hairstyle is a hair swept forwards style for young guys that gives them a fringe. It’s to be worn with nonchalantly and with swagger. It’s not necessarily British, nor is it necessarily the domain of rockers, but what it is is cool." -Fashionising

Somewhat like Justin Bieber's Hairstyle, just shorter and edgier. This is good for men who isn't over the top when it comes on hairstyles and who is actually afraid on taking extremes. You are still fashionable and at the same time simple to maintain.
This is good for men who have straight, wavy and curly hair that can be relaxed

It has been trending for the past 2 years I think, but still never fades in style. Its still in and trending for 2012.
It is more attitude infused than that of the Quiff hairstyle. It is expecting that Rockabilly be one of the 2012 more extremes hair trends for men.
This is good for straight, curly or wavy hair.

"The last time we saw the quiff popular as a men’s hairstyle trend it as infused with rock overtones. With the indie haircut dominating the music-orientated hairstyles, the quiff becomes something altogether more refined in 2012. It’s still infused with attitude, but, as far as men’s haircut trends this year, it’s a very different attitude."-Fashionising

I find I love this hairstyle. Its more natural, effortless and yet it still stylish. It seems you did not fix it at all. The quiff is actually trending nowadays and I see a lot of people having this haircut. Its just beautiful to look at and I am really loving it.
This is good for straight, wavy and curly hair which can be relaxed.

So what do you think?
Do I need to have my hair cut?
Which one suits me best?
and Do you think it will look good on me? 

How about you? Are you planning for a new look for the new year?

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