Friday, January 20, 2012


 Why Suede is back in fashion
They kicked the door open for Britpop. So how come we stopped listening to Suede? Krissi Murison catches up with her teenage heartthrobs and hears why we are due for a summer of Suede.Suede"Soft and tactile suede made a real statement on the Milan/Paris ss12 catwalks. Offered in understated neutrals or soft hued colours, suede jackets really honed in on the relaxed feel to the season’s fashion." -Swide

What is Suede?
"SUEDE is a type of leather with a napped finish, commonly used for jackets, shoes, shirts, purses, furniture and other items...Suede leather is made from the underside of the skin, primarily lamb, although goat, pig, calf and deer are commonly used." -Wikipedia

Suede looks very expensive and exquisite; and in terms of its tailoring, you got to be clean and meticulous. Since Suede does not include the tough exterior skin layer, It is less durable but softer than standard leather. Its softness, thinness, and pliability make it suitable for clothing and delicate uses. Like the other sets, you can still feel comfortable and relaxed. 

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