Saturday, January 21, 2012

Printed Shirts

"The all over printed tops are a perfect bridge between the t shirt and casual shirt in ss12. The jersey versions with collars are an up to the minute alternative to the classic polo shirt. The bolder the print the better." -Swide
Printed Shirts
Continuing on ss11’s trend of the coloured trousers, next year casual pants will be bright and brash. Pictorial scarf prints, over exaggerated stripes and wallpaper florals will be working up a gaudy storm next summer. - Swide
This years' printed shirts are very colorful and playful to see walk down the runway. Hence, they really look fresh and young. What I love for Summer and Spring collections, its all about having fun and adventure; at the same time be fashionable and stylish.

Another thing, printed shirts have bold and crazy styles and prints; which challenge men to wear it with confidence and to stand out from what they wear. With the right amount of confidence and attitude, you will surely rock this outfit. Also, remember the golden rule on fashion "wear your clothes, don't let the clothes wear you"

Lastly, when you wear crazy prints and designs, I think you don't really need to accessorize so much. Unless you want others to notice you, then go ahead :D

Keep it simple and in the right volume.
Lots of love

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