Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Shirt Jacket

Shirt Jackets are actually trending for quite some time already; but I am wondering what's new for 2012. 

What's a Shirt Jacket?

 "Shirt Jacket are first known during the 1879. It is a jacket designed in the style of a shirt." -Merriam-Webster
 "A shirt jacket is the perfect layering piece for cooler weather. Throw on a shirt jacket to stay warm on breezy & chilly days. Shirt jackets are not as heavy & bulky as a coat, but offer an unrestricted additional layer of warmth. Western shirt jackets are great for work on the farm & casual days around the house"  - Shelpers
Shirt Jacket
As a variation to structured tailoring the hybrid between jacket and shirt was all over the Milan/Paris catwalks. This is one of the hottest items for ss12 and is sure to be a commercial success.

I, personally, love Shirt Jackets. This 2012, Shirt Jackets have better architectural designs, more vibrant and colorful colors. More of innovative traditional use of materials. What I also love about this piece is its effortless in terms of mixing and matching with other clothing pieces. Its comfortability is not also an issue. Its versatility is also good, because you can use shirt jackets with other clothing pieces to have another look and get-up. I also love this because its a day-to-night piece, you don't need to change an outfit, its party-ready. Its really simple and very stylish at the same time. :D

Moving on, I would like to ask a big favor to all of you guys, if you could take a few moment to read Aiyanna's story. 

Last Sunday, someone actually sent me a message asking me if i could take some time to read her story. Because of my passion and love for children, I was moved by her story. So, I am asking your help if we could give her a special mention and link her in a post, so others may be able to read her story and hopefully it would reach those influential people that could really make a big help to Aiyanna's struggle to survival. I hope you could share her link to others, so that others may help her with some donations or prayers. 

We can also like her page in FB: ihelpaiyanna

Thank you!
Lots of love

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