Sunday, December 11, 2011

Paint my world RED

Yesterday, got bored at home. I asked my best friend Jenny Espinosa if what's her plans for the day, and we agreed to watch a movie with Joseph, our close friend, by 3:00 PM. Eventually, my best friend couldn't come, so we just had it moved in another day. I decided to look for a chauffeur shoes around the town, but I haven't seen the right style and color I am looking for. In the end, I just decided to have my hair done, and by done, it means to have it colored.

I had it colored in Salon de Zamboanga by Kuya Rowell or Weng as I call him. We chose 5.62 of L'Oreal which is Deep Red dye with Violet undertones, since it is compatible with my skin tone. After the first application, waiting and washing it up, Rowell thinks the color is not enough and is not satisfied so he had it redone. Therefore in my first application: FAILED.

Rowell asked me if I'm on the rush, and thank God I'm not, so I can spend longer time in the salon. They had my hair done for second application. This time, It was a success. :D In my second application, Rowell applied the L'Oreal No. 6.66 which is Dark Extra Red Blonde. After 2 hours of waiting from the time I arrived the Salon, my hair business is DONE. 

so here is my new look: *drum roll*

I can say that I am satisfied on how my hair looks like. Plus, I really love Rowell, for taking care of my hair and for being the best hair stylist in the town (in my opinion). I wouldn't risk having my hair done with another person, only him. I feel very secured and very comfortable.

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