Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Basileia - is an Acient Greek word that defines a princess.

A Greek-inspired outfit design for my Aunt for a Wedding. 
She wanted it to be classical and elegant. The design is my modern interpretation of a Greek Dress for a princess. I chose three-fourths sleeves, instead of a full-sleeves. I also added a draping on her waist to have it more innovative. The colors Blue and Purple represents Royalty.

(sample vintage precious stones)

(sample vintage precious stones)

I also created a Royal Blue stilettos design just for this dress. I placed a vintage beads on the shoes with laces.

What I love in this look is that there is a modern twist and taste of being a Greek Princess. Moreover, the back of the dress has a wider opening. The dress is comfortable because its a draping and its just light, just right for any girl. 
You wouldn't feel the hassle and uncomfortable feeling. 

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