Monday, October 1, 2012

Red X Blue

red x blue

Hello. I'm making my comeback in my blog once again. I've missed a lot of action and most important, I missed everyone. Since, I'm busy with my school life and there's nothing special about it, maybe I would be sharing for a while my inspiration outfits and my wishlist; hoping that I could buy them, so I could add them in my closet pieces. :D hehe.

Anyway, Here's my first inspiration style for the month of October. Ever since, I really wanted to have my own red pants and I wanted to use it with a two-toned button down long sleeves polo. Then, jazz it up with studded leather bracelets and red wayfarers. 

What I love about this look is,  its really relaxing and great for weekend getaway or for Friday night strolling with friends. Finally, I want a pair of loafers, and seriously, It might just be stripped off in the hot list and yet I still don't have my own pair. I felt that I'm so "2000 and late"  Geez. 

“Fashion is not necessarily about labels. 
It’s not about brands. 
It’s about something else that comes from within you.”
—Ralph Lauren

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