Wednesday, November 30, 2011

TOP 10 Common Fashion Mistakes

The TEN common mistakes men do:

10. Weaing socks with sandals

9. Not shaving tricky areas

8. Overt branding

7. Wearing running shoes outside the gym

6. Wearing back packs on professionals

5. Wearing mismatched shoes and suit

4. Wearing over-sized clothes

3. Stuffed pockets

2. Buttoning Blazers or Coats incorrectly 

1. Wearing white socks with dress shoes


  1. I think wearing socks and sandals can work :) I've seen it often enough in the runways. But I guess it works better in colder countries ;)

  2. Maybe for the right outfit. :D However, I think being quirky or weird still has a place in fashion. We can never tell, maybe tomorrow that will be next fashion statement.